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Spay & Neuter Saves Lives!!!
Please Spay & Neuter your pets!!!

Help us control the over-population of unwanted, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals in our community.

Here are just a few ways that you can help in your community....

1. Support the Humane Society of Del Norte in helping animals in their own neighborhood.
2. Spay or neuter all of your pets and any outdoor cats you are feeding. Spaying and neutering brings to a halt the cycle of animals born to become part of the endless supply of unwanted pets at shelters, as well as those that have been dumped in our neighborhoods and rural areas.
3. Encourage and help others to fix their pets too; neighbors, family, friends, and even strangers. We all benefit from spaying and neutering.
4. Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group rather than buying from a pet store or backyard breeder. Too many pet stores simply are outlets for puppy and kitten mills where female dogs and cats are kept in captivity for the purpose of turning out endless litters of puppies and kittens.

HSDN can assist in getting your pets spayed or neutered.

We have several options to offer.

We have limited appointments available with local veterinarians for cats and dogs.
Prices vary depending on which vet is doing the surgery,
on the age, weight, and sex of your pet,and on the services required.
Please call HSDN @ 707-464-1686, leave a clear message with a call back number,
and someone will call you to discuss all options.